Integration and Contextualization


Integration: listen

Students hear vocabulary as they watch a video


Integration: learn and speak

Students learn the new words and get to say them


Integration: practice vocabulary

Students practice identifying the vocabulary words

Target material is integrated throughout the domains

Research clearly shows that to effectively learn target vocabulary in another language, it must be in a context that students understand and can relate to. In Joy School English, all language taught in the program is contextualized. 

Additionally, the target material is leveraged by integrating it throughout the language domains (listening, speaking, etc.). Whether it's in a story, or a game, or an introduction to vocabulary, the target language is used and multiple domains are utilized which in turn is self-reinforcing. 

The chart below illustrates that every Joy School English unit consists of six lessons, and each lesson contains at least five activities (a book, a song, a game, etc).  And whether it's Speaking, or Listening, or Vocabulary, or Literacy—each lesson integrates these separate domains, giving the students opportunities to experience language learning in a more authentic and holistic way. 

Level One

Joy School English is the perfect solution for beginning English learners, even for children as young as 3 or 4 years old. 

Level One contains 24 rich and expansive units, providing beginning students with more than enough material to keep them engaged and learning for a full school year.