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Joy School English is a vibrant digital program that teaches English as a foreign language (EFL) and character-building values to young kids with little to no English experience. Jam-packed with proven instructional strategies and research-based activities, Joy School English puts kids on the fast-track to English fluency while incorporating social and emotional learning (SEL).


Joy School English’s original books, memorable songs, and engaging games and activities captivate kids and get them speaking English right away. Take a peek!

"...my students are speaking while they are playing."

“The difference between Joy School English and other apps trying to teach English is that my students are speaking while they are playing. In the other apps they might be receiving information, but in Joy School I hear them talk a lot and sing, and I like to see how they’re trying to improve their pronunciation. I think that’s the most positive thing about it.”

   —Sylvia, Principal, Mexico City

“The speech recognition feature is helping my students develop great pronunciation.”

"The speech recognition feature is helping my students develop great pronunciation. They hear the correct pronunciation, then they are able to immediately practice and imitate it. "

—Kindergarten Teacher, Shanghai China

“…they really understand the values at such a young age.”

"With Joy School English, when the children learn values we see that they really comprehend what’s right and what’s wrong. It is such a surprise to see that they really understand the values at such a young age. Thank you Joy School English!" 

— Teacher, Dahua Kindergarden, China.

Authentic English-Speaking Experience

Speak English

Speaking and listening are the building blocks of true, communicative language ability. Many programs teach kids to read, but Joy School English teaches them to read and speak English, with over 1,400 opportunities to use their voice! And the earlier they learn to speak, the better their English pronunciation will be.

Core Values

Linda Eyre and Richard Eyre

Together with New York Times #1 bestselling authors Linda and Richard Eyre—experts in parenting and teaching children values—we have developed a powerful value-teaching curriculum that helps kids build strong character and succeed as productive and happy global citizens.

Speech Recognition Technology

Speech recognition technology

 Joy School English uses cutting-edge speech recognition technology to analyze speech, allowing the program to adapt to each child. This personalized experience—enhanced by artificial intelligence—optimizes oral language instruction. 

We put kids on the fast track to speaking English

1,400+ Invitations to speak

Invitations to speak English

Strategic emphasis on oral language, paired with speech recognition technology, encourages kids to speak. 

650+ Videos


 Native English speakers model conversational phrases and vocabulary words in relatable situations. 

57 Songs


 Fun and memorable songs reinforce the conversational phrases and vocabulary taught in lessons. 

66 eBooks


 Interactive books include animations that aid in listening comprehension. 

9 Core values


 Values-rich curriculum incorporates social and emotional learning that builds strong character. 

84 Weeks of lesson guides


 Printable lesson guides include step-by-step instructions for whole-group activities and projects. 

Built on a foundation of experience and expertise

We know language

 Joy School English is built by a team of educators and content developers who have been creating language and literacy programs for more than 20 years. Their work includes the most successful English-teaching software program in the United States—teaching English to over a million young students.

Global reach, individualized focus


 Our mission is to empower kids around the globe to be the architects of their own future by teaching them English and values. And we're doing that for young English learners today in places like Algeria, Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Vietnam.

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