Core Values


Richard & Linda Eyre

The Eyres have authored dozens of books on parenting and families. They founded a preschool program that focused on social and emotional joy.

Teaching Your Children Values

Teaching Your Children Values

The Eyres' book on values became a #1 New York Times best-seller, and has informed the curriculum of Joy School English. 

Joy School English's 9 Values


One of the Eyres' "Values of Being," courage can impact one's life in many ways. It is a tremendous contributor to another value, positivity, and can give kids the freedom to express their creativity.


Another "Value of Being," honesty is a crucial element of communication, an important 21st-century skill. It is part of the makeup of anyone with integrity and is the beginning of the ability to make and keep commitments.


The value of grit has gained enormous traction in the education system in the United States. Being able to achieve one's goals requires the sort of persistence that grit exemplifies.


Whether a child is blessed to be in an environment with more resources and opportunities, or in a more challenging environment perhaps requiring more to be successful, the value of gratitude is a critical piece to seeing things clearly and implementing a productive approach to life. 


Many experts believe that children raised in the past few decades have been denied the opportunity to develop responsibility. Children are capable of much more than we often realize, and can grow and shine from being given responsibility and being held accountable. 


With collaboration being more and more crucial to success in today's world, the ability to work and interact with others is more important than ever. Kindness will win out in today's interconnected world, giving lasting happiness to all involved.


Being able to see a situation or perceive a problem through someone's else's eyes is a value the world desperately needs. The ability to feel and show true tolerance is how humankind will tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.


In the age of instant gratification and constant stimulation, only those who develop self-discipline will be able to exert full control of their lives. Understanding and managing our emotions is every bit as important as learning to read or add and subtract numbers.


The word "joy" is an important part of the Joy School English team's culture, and while not necessarily synonymous with positivity, it certainly shares many of the same attributes. Positive psychology is a field that is beginning to show how powerful it can be to be positive in the face of challenges. 


In this video, a young boy models the value of courage. 

In this activity, students consider an opportunity for a boy to show kindness by helping his mother.

“Students learn the values in fun ways“

"Students learn the values in fun ways without just telling them they need to show kindness, gratitude, etc. The unique way the values are taught helps the kids to understand them better." 

—Teacher, Dahua Kindergarden, Shanghai China.

“To me, teaching values is more important than teaching academics.”

"Most English programs don't teach values like this, which is why I think Joy School English is so much better. To me, teaching values is more important than teaching academics."

—English Teacher, Bosva Si-Tang Kindergarten, China

“This type of learning helps them better internalize the values.”

"Values are taught through videos and animation in Joy School English, which helps kids gain a better understanding. The videos are like a mirror to the kids—they watch the videos, then compare their own behavior to what they see. This type of learning helps them better internalize the values."

—Kindergarten Teacher, China