A solution that works for students, teachers, and parents

To effectively teach students English and values, Joy School English is built on three key components of effective learning: learning in school, learning individually, and learning at  home. 

  1. Powerful teacher tools allow for engaging small group or whole class instruction. 
  2. Kids learn independently—at school or at home—through a student mobile app filled with direct instruction and learning games, songs, videos, and more.
  3. Parents stay involved in their student’s progress and lessons through reports and in-app tools that encourage parent-child interaction


Teacher-Led Instruction

Joy School English provides teachers with countless tools to make instruction easy and engaging

Lesson Plans

  • Built for small group or whole-class instruction Include projects, games, and other content designed exclusively for classroom use
  • Correlate directly with the student app activities 

Teacher Menu

  • Accesses a library of digital and printable resources (songs, videos, books, games, and value lessons) for an authentic blended learning experience 
  • Provides stand-alone activities and activities to integrate into existing curriculum 

Teacher Portal

  • Gives access to data and reports to inform classroom instruction and connect parents
  • Provides classroom management tools that allow teachers to organize students, assign appropriate content level, and set progress goals


Student App Instruction

Joy School English provides each student with engaging instruction that keeps them in their individual, optimal learning zone—in school or at home.


Effective Technology

  • Built for independent use at school or online learning at home so learning is not deterred by school closures, illness, or relocation
  • Utilizes speech recognition technology that analyzes the student’s speech and delivers a personalized learning experience
  • Creates an adaptive learning pathway for each student through the research-based curriculum

Effective Content 

  • Accelerates English language development by focusing on oral language and literacy
  • Builds the student’s character by teaching values like honesty, responsibility, and kindness throughout the program


Home Connection

Joy School English reinforces the student’s learning by bringing learning home and connecting with family 

Program Flexibility

  • Gives access to the Joy School English app at home
  • Enables flexible implementation models that allow students to work at home independently or as an extension of their classroom experience

Progress Visibility 

  • Provides student progress data and reports that engage the family in the learning process
  • Gives parents access to Review Mode, allowing them to review lessons together with their child