Everything starts with engagement. A child who is disengaged simply can't learn new material as well as a child who is excited and motivated to learn. At Joy School we use the latest research in game-based learning and motivational psychology to design fun and immersive experiences for young English learners.

Children age 4-6 are motivated by things like exploration, self-direction, surprise, and discovery.  We've used these themes as guiding principles in developing Joy School English. 

Read below to see how Joy School English is designed by kids, for kids.

Welcome to Joy School English! 

Flicker, Wrigley, and the rest of their bug buddies guide students through the curriculum by helping them learn new words, say phrases, and listen to stories for understanding. 

Fun learning games! 

English and values are taught using fun games, such as this vocabulary identifying game: Spider Glider. 

Kids must tilt their tablet and guide the free-falling spider, Webster, toward the target vocabulary words. 


Welcome to the Beehive!

Students earn honeycomb as they master English words and phrases. When they save up enough they get to visit the Beehive, which contains all sorts of fun and games!

Even logging in is fun!



Pick a shape



Pick a color



Pick an object

Login - Pictorial Passcode

Joy School English's pictorial passcode systems provides the privacy and security needed in today's world while not requiring a difficult alphanumeric password for the students to remember. Students create their own passcode by choosing a shape, color, and object combination.